• Kururu117


    April 16, 2013 by Kururu117

    Recently i have been excperencing some bad things. Im being stalked on facebook so I'm banned from it and I also need to get a new Ipod so i can buy Tyler the creator's new Album Wolf. Comment on anything.

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  • Rainbow Dash1

    if you love poptropica,and you are a huge fan, please go to lego cuusoo and support the project "dr.hare's secret lair"

    and let us watch the project rise up to 10K!

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  • Reaper of shadows

    Social empires cheat (free).

    Hi all users, im have a cheat how to get a Easter Dragon :D here s', down.

    Admins, please not spam This.


    • 3 Profiles with different Emails.

    • All 3 profiles need to be a Friend with your main Social Empires Profile.

    1.Go to home on orther profile and move mouse to Social Empires (dont click on it) its shows a Pencil and click on it. Down is shows a Remove app click on it>Next>Ok>X.

    2.Do it again the other profiles.

    3.Log in to to main Social Empires profile and send Requests for all.

    4.Accept on all profiles.

    5.Log in again to Main profile and click on Window with egg an click Get Reward.

    6.Wiew Storage and click on Use.

    Im sure to help you :D if not works or need a help, send Me a message or read again.

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